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Move over Bob Ross,
AI drawing is here.

Check out the site for Gaugan2 .  NVIDIA Research, AI Demo’s GauGan2 creates photorealistic images from segmentation maps.
Named after post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin, Gaugan 2 is an amazing tool that shows how AI can be used to create stunning imagery with only an idea. 
Artist can use text, or a paintbrush and paint tools, or both combined to design an incredible landscape. 
A style transfer algorithm lets you mix it up by applying different filters. You can change a scene from a sunset to a photorealistic image to a painting with a click of a button. To get really creative, users can upload their own filters to layer onto their masterpieces, or upload custom segmentation maps and landscape images as a foundation for their next artist exploration. 
Just don’t forget to accept the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page before clicking the go arrow. 

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Using an extremely rough sketch to create amazing scenes.

You can also just use text and let AI do all the work.

Text Input: house on a hill

Text Input: Happy little trees.