Our Solutions

What is AI TV?

Our core capabilities at Synthetic Television are building streaming websites, connected television apps, and virtual and live event solutions.  We help create the content as well, with full service production, post production and production automation services. 

 In everything we do, we use AI and machine learning to enhance our products and make production more cost effective for our clients.

Television Production

From shooting, to editing, to distribution. We can do it all. Your one stop shop for production. We have agreements with crews and studios nationwide so you can even hire remote crews and produce quality content without leaving your office, saving you money. Whatever your needs may be, from Music Videos, Scripted Television, Reality shows, to Live Event production. 

OTT Streaming

We offer all sorts of OTT or direct to consumer television solutions. We can offer a custom Roku package build and then give it to you to manage or we can setup a turn key solution with advertising and 24/7 schedules, that we would manage. Just give us access to the content and we handle the rest.

Finding something interesting ?

Develope a custom solution with us

Website Creation

Anything web. We can do it. 

New Technology

Coming soon to Synthetic Television®


We are working on building AI products to let you start telling your story without having to sit behind a camera or a computer. Using AI to create your vision.

OTT Advertising

Merging our connected television platform partners together gives us the ability to merge content to generate enough views for everyone to start benefiting from advertising.

Targeted Marketing

Geo-marketing and targeted advertising. Setup and management of connected television, targeted email, online and mobile ad campaigns.


We work with some of the top programmers in the USA outside of Silicon Valley. We can help with everything from Java to Python.