Sketch a Masterpiece

Why us Move over Bob Ross,AI drawing is here. Check out the site for Gaugan2 .  NVIDIA Research, AI Demo’s GauGan2 creates photorealistic images from segmentation maps.Named after post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin, Gaugan 2 is an amazing tool that shows how AI can be used to create stunning imagery with only an idea. Artist can use text, […]

Cool Deep Fake websites that we think are worth looking into.

Deep Fake websites When all begins, stop! Currently Deep Fake is in the news for a lot of bad press. Some bad apples are using it to fake news and influence your way of thinking. Take a look at how things are moving forward. Pretty soon you wont be able to tell what is […]

Sketch to photorealistic

This is another amazing technology being developed. Basically a very basic sketch can be used by AI algorithms to create a realistic photo. Police sketch artist could benefit from this technology until they are replace by an officer drawing a two eyes and a mustache. Check out more of our tech journal here. Get […]